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The idea in a nutshell: Question your constraints!

First Principle Thinking


It is a conceptual framework that helps you getting to the fundamental core of a topic - by taking for granted nothing but the non-debatable truths & incorporating the least amount of assumptions possible.

The physics way of looking at the world

An enabler of progress


It as well turns out to be useful for pushing technology-enabled human progress. It has been extensively used by innovators like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel or Jeff Bezos. They have applied it to problems in many different industries.

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It has evolved from the scientific (and especially the physics) quest of understanding the deepest and most fundamental realities, mechanisms & constraints that govern natural phenomenon in the universe. 

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Here is how you could help me

Innovators like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos have often talked about the value of first principle thinking. However, it has long been rather unclear what that actually means, in a practical, applicable way.

So I've tried to codify first principle thinking as a conceptual framework that can be applied to real problems.

Now I'm looking for two things:

Critical (but useful) feedback

A place to test it with real world impact

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Learn more about the framework

The framework in detail

A case study: Tesla

Understand the logic behind First Principle thinking in detail: Why is it relevant? Where does it come from? How does it work?

Get in-depth insights about how progress has been pushed at Tesla by re-thinking problems from first principles over and over again.

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